Our team

Chris Surette, COO of Adventure


The voice behind the A for Adventure movement

Chris is most alive when he’s outdoors. With a true sense of adventure, there’s not much that Chris hasn’t attempted at least once. He can often be found somewhere in the woods; hiking, camping and exploring this great province and country. His real passion is helping people and especially kids, experience the joy of adventure and the difference being outside in the natural world can make in our lives. His number one inspiration comes from his 10-year-old daughter, who is always up for an adventure. More than ever, he sees the need for kids and families to get outside and learn more about the world we live in.

Please contact Chris with any sponsorship, media, partnership request. Or just send a note to say hello!

Christopher Hoyt, The Illustrator



Always a kid at heart, Christopher still can't remember if he connected first with a pencil or with a paddle, but knows today that he couldn't live without either. Some would say his addiction for maps outweighs his sense of direction, but regardless, he always finds his way, pencil, paddle or even a pack in hand. He has been working professionally as an illustrator for almost two decades, finding inspiration in either the outdoors, or on the way there. Christopher's work can be found everywhere from museums and magazines to books and broadband. You can find some of it here: Portfolio

Jan Sebastian LaPierre, CEO of Adventure


The author and driving force behind A for Adventure

His youth was spent camping and adventuring on the shores of Nova Scotia – and he still hasn’t grown up. He is a kind, gentle hearted man with a kids heart. His current work, taking at-risk children to experience the outdoors, suits his strengths and his passions. Through working with these youth and from his own personal experiences, Jan has realized the power of the great outdoors and has made it his life's mission to share that passion and help kids reconnect with the earth through adventure.

Jan was recently part of a successful tandem kayak trip, where he and Graham Carter paddled 200km /29 hours from the coast of Nova Scotia to Sable Island. The paddle deep into the Atlantic Ocean was to raise awareness for youth who struggle with mental health, and the importance of adventure in helping to lead full and active lifestyle. The journey has also raised over $30,000 to-date set up a children's camp at Brigadoon Village in Nova Scotia for youth who have a relationship to mental health problems. For more information and to show your support, please visit Paddle to Sable

Brad Sayeau, Adventure Filmmaker



Brad has just recently joined the east coast via Toronto and he's loving it. Brad is a film maker specializing in food and travel documentaries so he's a great fit for the A for Adventure team. Brad has been traveling the world and filming for many years on many different projects and is very excited to now be working with Chris and Jan. With the new addition of Brad, the video portion of A for Adventure is getting some love.

The A for Adventure team is thrilled to have Brad on board!