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What is A for Adventure?

A for Adventure is a company that aims to inspire people to get outside and explore the world around them. It all started with a children’s book titled “A is for Adventure”, a rhyming A-Z book with incredible illustrations to ignite the imagination and encourage outdoor play. We believe that spending more time outside connecting with nature helps to build greater curiousity, creativity and resiliency.

The book was self published by A for Adventure Inc. and launched on November 29, 2015. It is available on-lineand through a list of Canadian retailers .

At it’s core, A for Adventure is a marketing company for adventure! We produce content to inspire people of all ages to explore the natural world. We do this through videos, photos, our CBC radio show, writing, speaking engagements, programs, school readings/visits and strategic partnerships.

Please have a look through our page and get in touch if you have any questions. We would love to work with you!

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The story behind A for Adventure
by: Chris Surette

Jan (left) and Chris, co-founders of A for Adventure. photo: Lydia MacIntosh

Jan (left) and Chris, co-founders of A for Adventure.
photo: Lydia MacIntosh


On August 20th, 2013 Jan LaPierre and Chris Surette (myself) were driving home from Canso, Nova Scotia. Jan had just completed the adventure of a life-time with friend Graham Carter. The pair had become the first to paddle under human power 200+km all the way to Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia in the Atlantic Ocean. The project, called Paddle to Sable, raised funds and awareness to create a camp for kids struggling with mental health issues at Brigadoon Village. I was on the support boat that followed Jan and Graham all the way to Sable Island. It was such an inspirational journey to be a part of, watching the two of them paddle non-stop for 30 hours. What I remember most of all is they were having so much fun the whole time (except for the last 1km when we made them change direction and land in the middle of the island, adding another 1km to their trip. I thought it was funny though).

Sable Island

Hanging out on Sable Island! From left, Graham Carter, Chris Surette, Jan LaPierre, Amanda Dempsey, Jarrett Corke

On the car ride back to Halifax, Jan read me his rough draft of “A for Adventure”, a rhyming A-Z children’s book. Each letter, representing a different activity or topic. The goal of the book? To inspire young kids to explore the natural world.

“A is for adventure, as you will come to see.
Like hiking, or biking or climbing a tree.
Or taking a plane to a faraway land,
or a trip to the beach just to play in the sand.
Yes, A is for Adventure as you come to know,
so get ready, get set, get ready, lets go!”

I will never forget that moment. I needed to be part of this. This book needed to be seen by kids everywhere. I pulled over the car, and perhaps inspired immediately from Jan’s words, we went for a hike to discuss more.

Jan explained that the writing was nothing compared to what the illustrations would look like. He showed me the man for the job, a professional illustrator by the name of Christopher Hoyt. I was even more pumped. His illustrations were out of this world!


So it began. Like I had done for the Paddle to Sable project, I latched onto this project. How awesome would it be if we could inspire kids to discover the importance of adventure, and the many benefits it has to creating the foundation for a healthier, happier life? Having a young daughter myself, I saw the joy first hand when she was out exploring, discovering new things. I needed to pass this on to as many young kids and families as I could.

In the months that followed, we set out to start talking about adventure to anyone that would listen. Soon, people started sharing with us. The #aforadventure hashtag started growing on social media. We started realizing that there was a big community of people doing awesome things. We started an initiative of 100 days of adventure. Getting outside and doing any kind of adventure for 100 straight days, big or small. I think that got people’s attention and made them realize “these guys aren’t just doing BIG adventures”. Some days it would just be a walk around a lake, or taking my daughter to chase her around the park. Adventure can be right in your own backyard.

In May 2014, we were fortunate enough to land a weekly radio segment on CBC Radio One in Halifax. Since then, we’ve been on CTV, CBC radio-canada, local radio 965, Chronicle Herald, the Metro and others. All this, helping us spread the message of the joy of adventure.

We are also so grateful to have a partnership with Parks Canada. This is so important to Jan and I. We both love our National Parks, and the thought that we can help inspire more people to go enjoy our parks is something we are so proud of. Then we had an idea that both Jan and I couldn’t get out of our heads: what if when the book is done, we go across Canada and along the way, go to every Parks Canada site? I’m not going to lie, the thought of this has kept me up at night!

So here we are today. Working hard behind the scenes to complete the A for Adventure children’s book, going on adventures as much as we can, and sharing photos and videos.

We continue to share our passion for adventure. Thanks to everyone that has shared in our journey so far and helping us create a culture of adventure.

Share your photos and videos on social media and use #aforadventure to join the community!

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